So, what is your take on the new Disney live action version of a classic love story?  Here’s mine…

#1- Why announce this before the film’s release?  DISNEY is the one that politicized this film, not Christians.

#2- Why take a classic film and pollute it with your agenda?  If you want to make a gay movie-do it, but leave other people’s work alone and stop shoving your agenda down our throats.  

#3- The most recent post I read claimed that I was going overboard in refusing to take my kids to see this film because… a)  There is a beast with a girl b) The Beast is over 21 and the girl is under 18.  So, there logic is…there are many more reasons you should not see this film besides homosexuality.  Let us add bestiality and child molestation to the list.  This is the debased mind Paul was referencing in Romans 1:28.  

#4- Homosexuality is a sin.  I didn’t say so, God did.  The Scriptures are clear.  If you choose to live this way, it is your right.  You also have the right to have your own places of worship, your own media, your own movies, but STOP trying to get me to see your lifestyle as acceptable and normal.  To me, it is not and it never will be.  

Rant concluded…..thank you.

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